GASALERT System (Industry)

In all refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, and general industrial plants, where toxic, combustible or explosive gases are used or produced, with risk of leakage into open or closed areas, it is essential to maintain a permanent environmental monitoring allowing to know at all times whether the levels of concentration of said gases in the environment has exceeded the established safety limits.

In order to measure these concentrations, our GASALERT system uses sensors that are adequate for detecting each type of gas. These sensors are located at strategic sites and connected in groups or by zones to a remote TAURO-type unit that measures and transmits the data.

Each remote TAURO unit of the GASALERT system includes the elements required for storing all the information transmitted by the gas sensors, as well as for transmitting the data via Ethernet, radio or GPRS/3G, to a Central Monitoring Station, consisting normally of a computer, connected or not, to a local area network (LAN) of the plant.

The remote TAURO units are also capable of generating alarms and transmitting them to the Central Monitoring Station, if a pre-programmed specific threshold of the average gas concentration be exceeded in any of its input channels. These alarms can also be transmitted via SMS messages to the mobile telephones of the plant maintenance personnel. In case wind sensors be included in any of the remote stations of the GASALERT system (when installed in open spaces), a calculation of the wind field for the environment of the plant can be carried out and thus determine the plume of diffusion of a gas leak; and even estimate a map of concentrations according to the measurement at the source.

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