For environmental noise monitoring we offer our NOISE MAPPER system which has been designed to monitor in realtime the environmental noise or acoustic contamination produced by road traffic in cities and roads, airplanes and railway traffic, or noise produced in construction sites. It applies to the monitoring of any other source of noise disrupting the welfare of the inhabitants.
NOISE MAPPER system is a versatile network solution for continuous permanent or semi-permanent monitoring of environmental noise in urban areas, from airports, industries, roads, etc. and in high noise sites (hot spot points), or in very quiet areas where noise may be a major concern.

Our environmental NOISE MAPPER system includes any number of autonomous noise mapper remote terminals, deployed in such a way to cover the area of interest, as part of a noise monitoring network. Each station includes its own weatherproof microphone (noise sensor), a very powerful noise processor, a datalogger with very high capacity internal memory for data recording, as well as several optional data transmission capabilities vía GPRS/3G networks, radio-link, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.

The Central receiving station or Environmental noise management center would receive and store in a database all data transmitted by the NOISE MAPPER remote terminals in near real-time. Network management is carried out by our GEONICA SUITE software package to be installed at the central server or central computer. The Central Server also allows the installation of our WEBTRANS Ubiquitas internet platform (an advanced WEB posting solution), which allows direct access to all numerical data and graphical information via Internet to all authorized users.