Physical Oceanography is one of several sub-domains into which Oceanography is divided. Others include biological, chemical and geological oceanography.
Physical oceanography is the study of physical conditions and physical processes within the ocean, especially the motions and physical properties of ocean waters.

In particular, the term of Coastal Oceanography refers to the physical processes generated at the land-sea interface that are manifested in the form of currents, waves and tides induced by different agents such as wind or the gravitational action of the Sun and Moon phenomena.

As manufacturer and Systems Integrator, GEONICA offers advanced technical solutions for the measurement of currents, waves and tides, complemented by the measure of all the meteorological parameters of interest in order to know the environmental conditions affecting seaports. Maritime ports for commercial, fishing and water sports purposes play an important role of great economic
importance in the development of a country. For this reason, port management should always seek the highest levels of safety and effectiveness.

Well aware of this fact and with an Engineering Department that boasts the necessary experience and knowledge in the fields of oceanography, meteorology and data transmission solutions, GEONICA has developed the SAFE PORT System. Said system integrates the most advanced instrumentation for the measurement of all the meteorological, oceanographic and hydrodynamic parameters of interest, such as tides, waves and currents, complemented by the appropriate telemetry network. In summary, the SAFE PORT System constitutes a tool of tremendous value to those who are responsible of port management, Port Authorities and all potential users of the portinfrastructures including: ships of all kinds, fishing boats, yachts, recreational vessels, etc.

DATAMAR RADAR Tide Gauge designed by GEONICA, based on the latest electronic technology, is the ideal solution for measuring, recording and transmitting tide level data, not only due to its high-level features and advanced technical characteristics, but also due to its great versatility and cost effective.
It is important to mention that the Measuring Stations of SAFE PORT System and Datamar allow for an integrated AIS AtoN (Aids to Navigation) transponder. It provides accurate and real time information of the AtoN to all vessels and shore stations in range.