RAINALERT Early Warning System (EWS) of flash flood and heavy rains

The RAINALERT system has been designed by GEONICA to provide a solution to one of the most frequent emergency situations in many cities and urban or even rural areas, where, due to the orography of the terrain, it exists a high risk of floods caused by heavy rains.

The RAINALERT system constitutes a precipitation measurement network in the headwaters of the basins, combined with the measurement of the water level at several strategic points of the area's rivers, using for this purpose a specific number of Automatic Measurement Stations, either pluviometric, hydrometric, or mixed.

These stations are provided with an appropriate system for the transmission of the data and alarms in order to transmit the information to a Central Emergency Station as fast as possible, and provide warnings to the Civil Defence Authorities and the population itself in due time, so as to reduce, as possible, the impact of the economic damages and, especially, to avoid the loss of human lives.

GEONICA carries out the appropriate engineering study for determining the most appropriate remote measurement sites, subsequently studying the ideal configuration of the system, the data and alarms transmission modes, as well as the most adequate solutions for the diffusion of the information to the Civil Defence authorities, and even directly to the population, through the INTERNET and other means, where appropriate.

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