Wind energy
GEONICA offers wind measurement systems WINDPOWER specifically engineered for wind resource assessment, power curve measurement, and monitoring operational wind farms.

Our wind measurement systems have a wide range of options for measuring wind speed, wind direction, air density, and electric power. Real-time data are stored locally on our METEODATA datalogger, and can be transmitted via all standard communication methods such as via GPRS/3G, Radio-Link or through satellite networks.

GEONICA offers a variety of products that can be used to configure custom Wind Energy systems. Wind speed and direction sensors as the classical three cup anemometers and potentiometric vanes, or the new ultrasonic wind sensors with no moving parts, can be connected to our datalogger METEODATA Series for data storage and data transmission in real-time or delayed mode.

Our Wind Power Monitoring System WINDPOWER has been designed by our experts for wind energy resource assessment and also for monitoring the performance of operational wind farms. It is designed around our rugged METEODATA data logger to which can be connected a variety of different technologies of wind sensors all under the management of our advanced GEONICA SUITE software Package.

It is used worldwide for: site assessment, prospecting, and turbine micrositing, extreme flow conditions, powercurve assessment, permanent wind-farm anemometry and complex site analysis.