WINDALERT Lateral wind system (Railways)

WINDALERT system represents a complete solution for the measurement of winds at high speed railways. The WINDALERT system is intended to notify the remote controllers when the predicted wind exceeds some limits in order to ensure the safety circulation along the railway infrastructure. The measurements are performed by several meteorological stations installed alongside the entire track, distributed according to specific scientific studies. The Critical Wind Curves (CWC) are calculated previously for each specific site and are used by the meteorological stations to compare and warn if the CWC have been exceeded at any moment. This information is automatically transmitted to the Processing Center which controls the traffic management.

Each meteorological station installed alongside the high-speed railway is fitted with a datalogger model METEODATA, to which is connected a set of three redundant wind sensors for wind speed and wind direction measurement.  The meteorological station provides real-time processing and analysis of the signals originated by the three wind sensors and the information is transmitted to the Central Processing Centre.

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