Data Acquisition Stations (DAS)

METEODATA / HYDRODATA Automatic Meteorological and Hydrological Stations are measurement, storage and data and image transmission equipment, specially designed for outdoors installation, in remote unattended areas, with the possibility of building systems or networks of stations comprising an undetermined number of field stations and one or more Central Stations for receiving, presenting, storing and optional end processing of all the received information.
If operating a network using any of the communication options available (cellular telephone 3G / GPRS, point-to-point radio link, Ethernet connection, etc.), from the Central Station it is possible to manually or automatically get information from each and every one of the measurement stations, remotely program all their functionalities, manage the received alarms and even display the images captured by one or more digital cameras, connected to the field stations, on the central server monitor.

The Remote Data Acquisition Station METEODATA Series is available in two versions with 8 or 16 Analog Input Channels, corresponding to Models 3008C and 3016C.
The initials “CM” of models 3008CM and 3016CM indicate that the units are offered in a Compact (“C”) mode and mounted, in a Metallic (“M”) IP-66 enclosure. It is also available another version “CP” (Compact mount on a Polyproplylene IP-67 enclosure) ideal for portable use or marine enviroments.

  • Microprocessor
  • Protection Circuits
  • Communications Modem
  • Power Source including: Battery and Charge
  • Regulator for solar panel or mains AC power supply.
  • Display and keyboard (optional)
  • Terminal Strip for external connections, with access to the cables by way of a outdoors bushings.