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DataCar (Aforo de Tráfico)

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The Road Traffic Monitoring System has been designed basically for allowing the road Traffic Authorities to obtain, in real time, and at a very reasonable cost, very valuable information about vehicles traffic, such as Vehicle Counting, Average Speed Assessment, Individual Speed, Length classification, Presence Detection, Occupancy and Headway, Time Gap Measurement, etc..


The complete DataCar System consists on the following components.

A. Any number of Remote Measuring Stations, located along the roads to be monitored.

B. Communications Network, normally based on the GPRS/CDMA Cellular Telephonic Network.

C. Central Station (LAN Webtrans Platform) for data reception and Web Posting for allowing data accessibility by Internet.


REMOTE STATIONS (DataCar Remote Units)

The Remote Measuring Stations are installed along the roads to be monitored. Each Remote Station includes the following elements:

One Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit 2000C or 3000C Series, with built-in GPRS/CDMA modem and internal Power Supply (Battery and Charger).

One or more Vehicle Detectors, (one for each lane to be monitored), based on Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) or

Combined Doppler Radar + Ultrasound + Passive Infrared (Triple Technology), in a single detector.

One or more optional Colour Webcams, directly connected to the 2000C or 3000C Units, for still image transmission to the Central Station, besides traffic data.

Optional Solar Panel for battery recharging, in case of mains 220/110 VAC be not available on site.


The Complete Remote Station has been designed in such a way to reduce as much as possible the total power consumption; so, in case of not availability of 220/110 VAC on site, a Solar Panel will allow to recharge the station during the day.

If the remote stations are installed near illumination poles with 220/110 VAC for the lamps, it would be possible to recharge the internal battery of the station during the night, connecting the unit to the same 220/110 VAC power source used for the poles.

All these features allow to install the DataCar Road Traffic Stations at any location, with or without counting on a power source on site.


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