Automatic Rainfall Stations (ARS)

RAINMET System is based on an automatic station for measuring precipitation and other meteorological parameters of modern design and highly advanced technology, which definitely offers an efficient and competitive solution for the establishment of rain measurement and Early Warning networks at national, regional or local scale.

RAINMET basically consists of a METEODATA Datalogger (weather resistant with IP66 or IP67 protection) to which a precision rain gauge is connected, such as DATARAIN-4000, both designed by GEONICA.
METEODATA unit also includes internal batteries and charge regulator for connection to a small solar panel that ensures autonomy of the complete remote station operating for several days without recharging.

METEODATA datalogger has a very high capacity internal memory for data storage and also an integrated 3G / GPRS / CDMA cellular modem that allows data transmission and bidirectional communications with a Data Receiving Center (GEO-DRC).

For early warning information of very high rain intesity events, the Data Rain Station also generates and transmits ALERT messages to Civil Protection Authorities via SMS to a certain number of mobil telephones.
This feature is specially useful in monsoon and other high precipitation areas, suffering important natural disasters due to these heavy rains and subsequent floods.
The RAINMET lso accepts the connection of additional meteorological sensors, for the measurement of other parameters, such as Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure and even Solar Radiation, in order to obtain a more complete weather picture of the environmental conditions of a certain site. These optional sensors can be easily connected to the Data Rain-2000C station at any time.
The Data logger can be ordered mounted in a metallic enclosure, IP66 protection (Model RAINMET CM); or in a Polypropylene enclosure with IP67 protection (Model RAINMET CP).