DATAMAR Tide Gauge

The model DATAMAR RADAR tide gauge designed by GEONICA, based on the latest electronic technology, is the ideal solution for measuring, recording and transmitting tide level data, not only due to its high-level features and advanced technical characteristics, but also due to its great versatility and low cost.


DATAMAR is a compact, autonomous system, powered by internal batteries, rechargeable via solar panel or by connection to the mains, which has all the necessary elements to record the data in its own internal memory, as well as the elements required to transmit the data in real or differed time to the Port Authority, or to one or more Central Receiving Stations.

The DATAMAR Tidal Station is a fully programmable system (both locally and remotely), with capacity for level sampling every second, which also enables the connection of additional meteorological and environmental sensors, for the measurement of wind speed and direction, temperature and relative humidity of air, atmospheric pressure, visibility, water temperature, etc.

In addition, DATAMAR Tide Gauge is equipped for the connection of one or more colour digital cameras DIGICAM-3K, to capture and transmit in sequential mode still images of the port area.