The term Hydrology, is the scientific discipline concerned with the waters of the Earth including their occurrence, distribution, and circulation via the hydrologic cycle. Hydrology has as its primary objective the study of the interrelationship between water and its environment.

Therefore Hydrology Science is also fundamental for application in Flash Flood Early Warning Systems (EWS), as indicated in the Early Warning SECTOR.

As hydrology is mainly concerned with water close to the land surface, it focuses on those components of the
hydrologic cycle that occur there, that is: precipitation, runoff, river discharge and the related water level and water velocity in the rivers, as well as the evapotranspiration, and groundwater.

The measurement of all these hydrological parameters is the primary objective of the GEONICA HydroMET System. The different parameters are measured using specific sensors for determining the precipitation, runoff, river discharge, water level, water velocity, water currents, etc. all of them connected to our HYDRODATA-2000/3000 Remote low power Data Acquisition and Transmission Unit. Data transmission can be carried out via GPRS/3G cellular network, by Point-to-Point / Point-to-Multipoint Radio-Link or via Satellite, as well as mixing these communication ways.
Due to the very low power consumption of GEONICA’s solutions, our automatic hydrological stations can be installed at remote unattended sites, operated by its internal battery pack and charger, all under a compact mount in a weatherproof enclosure box, plus an external solar panel of reduced dimensions.
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