The objective of our LIGHTNING ALERT system is to determine the probability of a lightning discharge based on the use of an advanced atmospheric monitoring and lightning warning device located at ground level for measuring the intensity of the electrostatic field present in the atmosphere.

The LIGHTNING ALERT System includes an electric field measuring device known as an Electric Field Mill sensor, due to its design (similar to a rotating mill). It is available in two versions, according to the measurement range required, and is connected to one of our units pertaining to the METEODATA Series. This remote station records and transmits the data to a Central Monitoring Computer, via 3G/GPRS cellular telephony, radio, Ethernet connection, etc. It is also in charge of transmitting SMS messages to mobile phones, or e-mails to specific addresses, warning of the risk level in the case the measured values exceed a configurable threshold.

Among the more characteristic sectors of application of the LIGHTNING ALERT System, we can state the following:

  • Electric power production and distribution (Power generating plants, transport grids, substations, etc..).
  • Fuel facilities and tanks (Oil, gas, etc.).
  • Wind and solar power generation parks.
  • Seaports (loading and unloading fuel, operation of major cranes).
  • Military complexes or facilities.
  • Handling of explosives and dangerous materials.
  • Fuel supply to aircraft
  • Airports (safety in the operations of landed aircraft, landing and taking off operations, catering and luggage handling, etc..).
  • Heliports.
  • Golf courses, amusement parks and swimming pools.
  • Radio communications.
  • Construction and civil works.
  • Open air public and sports events.
  • Atmospheric research.