Air relative humidity


Model PTH-4000 Smart MultiSensor

Modelo PTHR-4000


Independent Pressure, Temperature, Relative
Humidity sensors + Dew Point (calculated).
Model PTHR-4000 adds Solar Radiation sensor

Model 41382VC Temperature
and Relative Humidity sensor (0-1 Vdc)

Modelo 41382VC



Model STH-S331 Temperature and Relative Humidity sensor
Modelo STH-5031


Model 41382LC2 ​Temperature and Relative 
Humidity sensor (4-20 mA)
Modelo 41382LC


Model SH-S300 Relative Humidity sensor

Modelo SHR-5031


Model 41003 Naturally ventilated multiplate radiation shield

Modelo 41003


Model 43502 Motor aspirated radiation shield

Modelo 43502
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