Wind speed and direction

Anemómetro ultrasónico biaxial

Model GEO-WS WindSonic
Two-axis ultrasonic wind sensor
Range: Speed 0-65 m/s. Direction 0-360º
Accuracy:Speed ±2%. Direction: ±2º

anemómetro wd-200p

Model 05103 / 05106 Marine
Wind Monitor
Range: Speed 0-100 m/s. Direction 0-360º
Accuracy: Speed ±0.3 m/s or 1% of
reading, Direction ±3º 

Model 86000 / 86106 Marine / 86004 Heated
Biaxial ultrasonic wind sensor
Range: Speed 0-75 m/s. Direction 0-360º
Accuracy: 30 m/s ±2% o 0.1 m/s, 75 m/s ±3%.
Direction ±2º


Anemómetro de cazoletas

Model 03002 
Wind Sentry Anemometer & Vane, with crossarm
Range: Speed 0-50 m/s. Direction 0-360º
Accuracy: Speed ±0.5 m/s. Direction ±5º

Anemómetro ultrasónico biaxial calefactado

Model GEO-WO65, 70, 75, 90 WindObserver
Two-axis ultrasonic wind sensor
Range: Speed 0-65, 70, 75, 100 m/s. Direction 0-360º
Accuracy: Speed ±2%, Direction ±2º @ 12m/s

Anemómetro de cazoletas

Model 03102
Wind Sentry Anemometer (only) with
mounting bracket
Range: 0-50 m/s
Accuracy: ±0.5 m/s

Anemómetro ultrasónico triaxial

Model 81000
Three-axis ultrasonic wind sensor
Range: Speed 0-40 m/s. Direction 0-360º
Accuracy: Speed ±1%. Direction ±2º

Veleta potenciométrica

Model 03302
Wind Sentry Vane (only) with mounting bracket
Range: 0-360º
Accuracy: ±5º


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