GEONICA participates and sponsors in the conference of the Technical Association of Roads on winter road management systems
Organised by the Technical Road Association, on 22 March 2018 the technical conference "MDSS - Winter road management systems, a possible improvement" was held in the Assembly Hall of the Spanish Engineering Institute, located at Calle General Arrando, 38, Madrid.

In this sense, GEONICA presented the presentation "Safe Road - Meteorological information for road safety" based on its SAFE ROAD system.

GEONICA's SAFE ROAD System is a Road Weather Information System (RWIS) that provides accurate environmental data for road traffic safety, and is also used by companies responsible for the operation and maintenance of roads and highways as an aid to decision-making.

The Road Weather Information System (known as RWIS System) is integrated by a series of Remote Environmental Monitoring and Measurement Stations (REMS) in the field, to which various types of sensors are connected to measure three types of road meteorological data: Atmospheric data, Pavement data, and Water Level data.

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