Road Traffic Information
GEONICA offers advanced Road Traffic Information Systems as our SAFE ROAD System specifically designed with the aim of improving safety and reduce congestion for ground transport. Road Traffic Information is a fundamental part of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that improve traffic flow, increase road safety, help to protect the environment and enhance public security.

The SAFE ROAD System incorporates diverse types of traffic detectors, for vehicle count and classification and vehicle velocity monitoring, these being of tremendous utility for the authorities and those responsible for road and motorway management and conservation.

DATACAR, as a part of the SAFE ROAD System or as an independent system, is a specific solution for vehicle count and classification, as well as for vehicle velocity monitoring. DATACAR consists of autonomous remote measuring stations based on the METEODATA datalogger plus a multilane vehicle detector, offering real-time data transmission to a Central Station, so allowing complete traffic information of the whole road network of a country or region, including main and secondary roads.
The SAFE ROAD System can integrate also road weather information as our RWIS system, in such a way to optimize the measuring networks, incorporating also pavement status conditions and environmental data as visibility, in a mixed or combined road traffic/weather information solution.

DATACAR System has been designed to detect, track and classify all traffic (multi-lane traffic detector). The system implements the newest RADAR technology and it can be used for permanent or temporary installations.
DATACAR System may include other sensors and detectors for complementing the traffic information such as:
  • Meteorological Sensors (e.g. Wind Speed and Direction, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, Precipitation)
  • Noise detectors: for real time environmental noise .monitoring, establishing the correlation between traffic and noise.
  • Still image cameras: for real time site visualization of traffic status.
Of course, both SAFE ROAD and DATACAR systems can be combined according to customer needs.

All our METEODATA in-field remote data acquisition and transmission units have been designed having in mind the need of reducing power requirement to a minimum, in such a way that our road monitoring stations can operate connected to the mains of an existing lighting pole or autonomously, by means of the internal battery pack and an external solar panel; so they can be installed at any isolated secondary road without the need of mains availability at the remote site.
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