Road Weather Information
GEONICA’s SAFE ROAD System is a Road Weather Information System (RWIS) that provides accurate environmental data for road safety purposes. It is used by companies in charge of Road Operation & Maintenance, Meteorology Forecasting, etc. being the key to Maintenance Decision Support System MDSS.

SAFE ROAD consists of a network of Remote Automatic Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Stations based on METEODATA unit with a set of sensors to measure:

Weather Data:
  • Visibility and present weather
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Precipitation type and intensity
  • Air Temperature and RH
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Lightning
  • Gases / Air quality
Pavement data:
  • Pavement and subsoil temperature
  • Surface freezing point
  • Pavement status (for example wet, icy, flooded)
  • Chemical Concentration of Anti-icing Fluids on Pavement
Other data:
  • Water level of channels or rivers near the Roads
  • Snow accumulation
  • Environmental noise
All the information generated by the REMS is transmitted via GPRS/3G, Radio-Link, Satellite or via a physical fiber optic link to the Central RWIS Station, where data is processed by a specific software. This allows to develop nowcasts or forecasts, and to display or share road weather information in a format that can be easily interpreted by any relevant staff.

The roadway warning systems are used by the transport managers to share road weather information with fieldwork personnel. This information allows travellers to make choices about the means of transport, departure time, route selection, vehicle type and equipment, and driving behaviour.

Data communications of GEONICA RWIS System is supported by different standard communication protocols such as NTCIP, DGT, etc.