SEMS-PV Solar Energy Monitoring System - Photovoltaic
GEONICA introduces the SEMS-PV Solar Energy Measurement System, a turnkey integral solution for measuring the sun power, that is, the solar energy resource, as well as for the remote monitoring and efficiency analysis of solar power plants, thermal or photovoltaic, in real-time, via Internet. Our SEMS-PV Solar Energy Measurement System is the most advanced technical and cost efficient solution for solar energy resource assessment available in the world market today. SEMS-PV is also the necessary tool for the measurement of solar irradiance, to be used as a precise incoming energy reference during the operation of photovoltaic solar power plants (PV).

Solar resource assessment is the first objective to be covered, in order to determine, during a certain time, the site conditions regarding the available solar energy. So the SEMS-PV system has been designed to allow the measurement of solar radiation by means of highly sensitive pyranometers. The SEMS-PV system has been designed around the remote data acquisition and transmission unit METEODATA series, which works as a data logger. Besides the measurement of the solar radiation, the METEODATA unit allows the connection of other additional meteorological sensors.

The SEMS-PV system allows to measure the soiling (GEO-MDSF2) and to measure the power (short circuit current ISC and open circuit voltage VOC) of any PV module on the market that is used in a PV plant (SPPM-420).