SEMS-Spectral Solar Energy Measurement System
For the measurement of the Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) a solar spectral sensor is required. GEONICA offers the Solar Spectral Meter, model GEO-SSIM, which is the most advanced, unique, efficient and affordable technical solution to measure solar spectral irradiance and DNI in near real-time, when mounted on our SUN TRACKER series, as part of SEMS system.

Additional meteorological sensors for the measurement of ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, etc., can be also connected to the same datalogger of the SEMS system. The values of all these meteorological parameters are stored at the datalogger and transmitted to a Central Receiving Station or SCADA via 3G/GPRS, radio-link, fiber optic or through satellite networks.

True and precise measurement with data transmission in near real-time of solar irradiance and solar spectral irradiance in the range of 280 – 4000 nm with 1 nm resolution, plus aerosols (AOD), ozone (O3) and water vapour content (H2O) in the atmosphere.