Upper air observation system
GEONICA supplies advanced radiosondes and upperair sounding systems for measuring atmospheric conditions from the ground level up to the lower stratosphere, integrating also automatic meteorological stations as a ground reference. The radiosondes are designed to meet the specifications of the U.S. National Weather Service and the World Meteorological Organization.

403 MHz GPS Sounding Systems
  • GEO-Met-3150: Low cost and ultra-portable system for boundary layer and reduced range soundings
  • GEO-Met-3050A: Compact, high performance, full-range sounding system for field research
  • GEO-Met-3100M: Completely redesigned military sounding system for fixed and mobile applications
  • GEO-Met-3200: Fixed installation synoptic system for maximum sounding range
Radiosondes and UAV Sensors
  • GEO-Met-1: A complete family of 403 and 1680 MHz GPS and RDF Radiosondes
  • GEO-Met-1-RS: Research Radiosonde for Ozone and Auxiliary Sensor Integration
  • GEO-Met-X: PTU and Atmospheric Chemistry Sensors for UAV Integration
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