The WAVEALERT system has been designed by GEONICA to measure the sea waves for different applications, such as coastal oceanographic studies or for providing information about the sea conditions to building companies during the construction of ports, docks, piers, etc., as well as to major oil or liquefied gas tankers, in order to contribute to their safety during the dangerous unloading works.


Sea waves measurement is carried out using buoys provided with the appropriate measurement instrumentation, as well as with equipment transmitting data to a Computer on land, be it via GPRS/3G, radio link, or satellite (INMARSAT, Iridium).

Another technique consists in using an ADCP-type (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) transducer anchored at some distance from the coast and connected, via a sunken cable, to an electronic unit on land. The transducer is capable of measuring the directional waves from the bottom of the sea (usually located at depths of up to 40-50 meters or below), but with the advantage of offering simultaneously the profile of the sea currents, from the bottom of the sea to its surface.