WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform (WEB Posting)

WEBTRANS Platform Service (Hosting) using GEONICA's Server, instead of investing the costumer on their own WEBTRANS Platform.

This optional service allows the users to consult graphs and download data of their own remote stations via INTERNET, without the need of direct communication or interrogation. The access to the WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Platform via INTERNET requires only a specific users name, the password and a suitable Internet connection.

For additional information and a demonstration of the WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Platform in Internet, please download our Brochure and visit our WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Platform demo at URL:


This is a demonstration with real data of several remote stations installed in Spain for different applications, showing near-real time data (local time), updated every 10, 20 or 30 minutes (depending on the project requirements).

The operation of the WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Platform requires that each 3000C Remote Station includes the GPRS cellular modem option.

The SIM card to be inserted in the modem is by the account of the user.

The server for our WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Platform is located in Madrid (Spain) and may integrate any of our 3000C series of Remote Stations located at any country in the world, with the condition of having local GPRS/3G o INMARSAT (where no mobile network is available).

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