The WINDPOWER system is an advanced wind monitoring system which allows you to determine whether your site is a good candidate to harvest wind power. It may as well as perform many other additional measurements, operate as a remote controller, or generate programmable alarms.


Remote monitoring for retrieving data or reporting site conditions can be made via 3G/GPRS cellular network, radio link, satellite, Ethernet, etc. Additionaly our WEBTRANS Platform offers to subscribers, accessibility via INTERNET, from any location in the world, to real-time data and graphical presentation of all measured parameters at their own remote stations, obtained by the remote unit METEODATA.

Our remote datalogger model METEODATA Series incorporates a built-in 3G/GPRS modem, that also allows a user to call into the logger and view live data at the site, as well as to download data site conditions and even to change data collection parameters or to program new alarms, all remotly from the user's computer.