Camera for recording color images of the surroundings of a field station site, either by manual command from the Central Station, on a scheduled basis or based on the local alarm status generated by exceeding an alert threshold of a certain critical parameter, such as the level of a river or the presence of an intruder.


DIGICAM-3K color camera


DIGICAM camera to connect directly to the Hydro-Meteorological stations, as a useful complement to the measured parameter data provided by our remote stations.

The goal is to give reliable graphic evidence of river levels in situations of heavy rains, floods and storms as part of our RAINALERT Early Warning System, as well as for other scenarios, such as the presence of snow or the degree of visibility on roads (SAFEROAD System), the appearance of ski resorts or a beach, to provide the public with visual information on the environment, and even to sound the alarm if intruders enter the fenced enclosures of field weather stations, using the presence detectors connected to the cameras.

The camera has low power consumption, so it can be used in the field powered by the Hydro-Meteorological station itself, with the added advantage of being able to transmit the images over the same GPRS/3G/4G communication channel used by the station for data transmission. The alternative of communications via INMARSAT satellite with global coverage, allows images and data to be sent from any location in the world.


  • Direct connection METEODATA/HYDRODATA remote stations via serial interface.
  • Up to 4 cameras can be connected to the same station.
  • Image Capture: By manual command, scheduled sequence or by Alarm Event.
  • Color still images: 160x120, 320x240, 640x480, 1280x1024.
  • Selectable compression, contrast, saturation and brightness.
  • OSD: Date and time of capture.
  • Low power consumption: < 60 mA @ 12V.
  • IP-66 enclosure.