4000CP Series

Remote Stations in a Compact (C) assembly, enclosed in a Polypropylene (P) case with IP67 protection, ideal for marine environments. Includes an internal battery pack, charge regulator, communications modem and WiFi to download data locally.

4000CP Series Dataloggers

Data Acquisition Stations (DAS)

METEODATA/HYDRODATA Automatic Weather and Hydrological Stations measure, store, and transmit data and images. They are specially designed for outdoor installation in remote unattended areas, and provide the possibility of creating systems or networks of stations made up of an undetermined number of field stations and one or more Central Stations for receiving, displaying, storing and processing all the information received.

4000CP Series Dataloggers

By means of any of the available communication options (GPRS/3G/4G/5G cell phone, point-to-point radio link, satellite, Ethernet connection, etc.), from the Central Station it is possible to manually or automatically interrogate all and each of the remote stations that can form the field network, as well as programming all its functionalities.

Data transmission to the Central Station is done automatically in programmable periods of time, or on demand in real time. In addition to the data, the remote stations can also transmit still images captured by one or more color cameras connected to the field stations, thus providing a true view of the station environment, the presence of intruders in the protected area or for example the level of a river in case of flood risk.