Precipitation Measurement

DATARAIN-4000 Rain Gauge based on digital electronic weighing technology, with a very high accuracy of 0.15% in the range of 0 to 1000mm/h and 0.3% up to 2000 mm/h with an automatic emptying device.


A highly accurate professional rain gauge, designed by GEONICA according to WMO (World Meteorological Organization) requirements.

DATARAIN-4000 is an advanced precipitation sensor operating according to a very precise measurement principle based on digital electronic weighing technology. It can measure precipitation intensities up to 1000mm/h with an error of less than 0.15% and less than 0.3% up to 2000 mm/h. it also includes an automatic emptying device.

Solid/snow precipitation can be also measured when the optional heating system is included.

The automatic emptying device allows unlimited operation over time, thus avoiding the need of maintenance visits to manually empty the bulky accumulation tank, that other precipitation weighing rain gauges sensors require.


Collection surface

The DATARAIN-4000 Rain Gauge is available in two versions:

  • DATARAIN-4000/200 with a 200 cm2 collection surface
  • DATARAIN-4000/400 with a 400 cm2 collection surface

Heater Option (H Option)

To measure solid precipitation, such as snow, the rain gauge DATARAIN-4000 can be equipped with a smart dual heating system that is self-managed and able to optimize the system’s energy consumption according to the environmental conditions.

Thanks to its design and operating principle, the DATARAIN-4000 rain gauge does not need to be recalibrated, so its resolution and accuracy remain fixed over time and over the entire measurement range. Nevertheless, periodic visits to the sensor location are always recommended to check for foreign objects inside the collector, such as leaves or insects that could obstruct the water flow.

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