Environmental noise

Noise Mapper System for continuous monitoring of noise pollution in urban areas, roads and airports, with real-time data transmission.

Environmental noise monitoring

Noise Mapper System
For environmental noise monitoring in real time.

The NOISE MAPPER System is a versatile network solution for the continuous and permanent or semi-permanent monitoring of environmental noise in urban areas, airports, highways, industrial zones, etc., and in sites with high noise levels (points of high noise pollution ) or in very quiet areas where noise can be a major concern.

The NOISE MAPPER System is made up of a number of remote NoiseMapper-RT Remote Terminals, with autonomous operation, deployed in such a way as to cover the area of interest.

Environmental noise monitoring

Each Remote Terminal includes its own weather-resistant microphone with a signal processor connected to the Terminal's Datalogger, which records all the processed noise data, transmitting then the information to the Central Server

The Datalogger has a large capacity internal memory for data logging, as well as various optional data transmission functionalities through GPRS / 3G/4G networks, radio, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.

The GEO-DataView Software Package installed on the Central Server is in charge of managing communications, also creating a SQL database with all the information received for subsequent analysis and exploitation.

The Central Server also allows the installation of our WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet platform, an advanced WEB Publishing solution, which provides all authorized users with direct access to all numerical data and graphic information via the Internet.

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