Key Projects / Success Stories
Ouarzazate 160 MW CSP-SPP
The Spanish consortium consisting of Acciona, Sener and TSK has chosen GEONICA SEMS Solar Energy Measurement System for the continuous monitoring of solar energy resource assessment and other environmental meteorological parameters at the Ouarzazate Plant.
In December 2013 GEONICA supplied and installed on site a network of automatic and totally autonomous Solar Meteorological Stations with data transmission via GPRS to the customer’s Data Receiving Center for remote monitoring in real-time. When the plant construction was completed, the meteorological stations were relocated at the Power Block and distributed in the Solar Field, covering the area conveniently and directly connected also to the plant SCADA.
The Solar Meteo-Stations designed and manufactured by GEONICA are configured by our advanced METEODATA Datalogger / Controller and our very low power consumption Sun Tracker 3000, alongside the necessary Pyrheliometers and Pyranometers for the measurement of Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI), Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) and the Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI), as well as other meteorological parameters, in particular: wind speed and direction, temperature and relative humidity of air, barometric pressure, precipitation and visibility.

OUARZAZATE (Phase-I) Project Overview
Ouarzazate 160 MWe CSP plant with 3 hours of thermal storage is today the world’s largest parabolic trough CSP power plant and the first utility size thermal solar generation project in Morocco. The project is located in Souss-Massa-Draa, province of Ouarzazate in Morocco, approximately 200 km south of Marrakesh.
The first 160 MW phase of the 500 MW Ouarzazate solar project has secured €345 million in funding from Europe. It was operational since 2015. Meanwhile, sources report that a US$1 billion PPA has been secured for the project.
Technology Parabolic trough
Status In Operation
Country Morocco
Solar Resource 2,635 kWh/m2/yr
Solar Resource Monitoring METEODATA 3000 datalogger
Turbine Capacity (Net) 160.0 MW
Storage Capacity 3 hours
Thermal Storage By Molten Salt