Quality Policy & Certifications
GEONICA supplies a complete line of equipment, systems and instrumentation networks for the measurement, recording, transmission and analysis of meteorological, hydrological, geophysical and environmental parameters related to the Earth Sciences sector.
We design, manufacture, market, install and maintain our own electronic units, as well as equipment from the most prestigious manufacturers around the world. 
In order to continuously meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders, we offer comprehensive technical support, including both training in the use of the equipment and after-sales support. 
The principles that govern our activities are as follows:
  • We carry out strict quality controls and high-performance products.
  • We design the equipment with the objective of guaranteeing a long life of the same ones. 
  • We distribute equipment from those suppliers whose reliability and prestige give us the same guarantee as our own products.  
  • We foster honesty, integrity and seriousness in our relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Our staff has the capacity and qualifications to detect and adapt products to the needs, expectations and requirements of the customer.
  • We undertake to comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements that affect us, taking into account at all times the external and internal issues relevant to the purpose of the organization.
Our main objective is to become international leaders in the supply of meteorological and hydrological instrumentation equipment, systems and networks. To this end, we rely on our Quality Management System and we are committed to the continuous improvement of its efficiency through the contributions of all employees.

Madrid, on July 21, 2021.



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