Solar Trackers

Required for Automatic and real-time measurement of Direct Normal Irradiance DNI, Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance DHI, and Aerosol Optical Depth AOD), as well as Water Vapour and Ozone in the atmosphere.

Solar Trackers - ST-2000, ST-3000 and ST-2000/3000 Spectral

The solar trackers ST-2000 and ST-3000 have been developed by GEONICA to track the sun’s movement with the highest aiming accuracy (up to 0.01º) and exceptionally low power consumption (between 2W and 3W, respectively), and they can accommodate one or two Pyrheliometers to measure DNI, and one Pyranometer for the automatic measurement of DHI.

The GEO-SSIM spectrometric sensor can also be installed to measure the solar spectrum of the direct radiation in real time.