Environmental gamma radiation monitoring system with real-time data transmission and alarms.


Gamma Radiation warning system

The GAMMALERT gamma radiation early-detection system is an environmental radioactivity monitoring system that transmits data and alarms in real time. It has a wide range of applications, such as monitoring in radiotherapy rooms in hospitals; supervision at borders, airports, railway stations; accidental radiation generated by nuclear power plants, storage, and transport of fusionable materials by truck/train, etc.


The GAMMALERT system can be made up of one or more remote measurement stations forming a network. Each station includes a measurement and recording unit or data logger to which a highly advanced digital gamma radiation detector is connected, as well as, optionally, other meteorological sensors of interest, such as for the measurement of precipitation and wind.

The remote measurement stations operate continuously, storing all the data in their internal memory, transmitting all the information by GPRS/3G/4G cell modem to a server or central computer. In the event that radiation level exceed a certain threshold, the station is responsible for generating and transmitting the corresponding alarms, sending also SMS alert messages to the Civil Protection authorities at the same time.

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