Doppler SODAR

Sodar Doppler (Sonic Dectection And Ranging)

The Doppler SODAR PCS.2000 uses the back scattering of sound pulses for observation of inversion layers and vertical profiling, wind speed, wind direction, turbulence quantities and stability classes in height ranges starting at heights of 15 m up to more than 1000 m in favorable conditions. A powerful PC-unit is used as a control and processing unit running WINDOWS operating system.

The PCS.2000 has been proven as a reliable, cost efficient tool for long term routine measurement. Mobile or stand-alone versions are available for measurements campaigns.

SODAR Doppler

SODAR Doppler

PCS.2000 24/LP SODAR Mobil Trailer version.
Details of the mobile low power version for stand-alone profiling at remote sites.

  • Profile sounding of wind vector and turbulence.
  • Trailer integrated stand-alone system as low power version.
  • Easy transportation and set up.
  • Innovative power supply by fuel cells.
  • Optional solar panel unit.

Model PCS.2000-24

  • Compact version of acoustic profiler.
  • Mobile system with downsized antenna.
  • Easy transportation, quick set up.
  • Reliable function in routine operation and campaigns.
  • Height range 15 to 500 m.