A comprehensive solution for wind measurement on high-speed railway lines. The WINDALERT system measures the wind speed and direction, sending the critical wind data to the Rail Traffic Control Station when the lateral wind exceeds the thresholds set for each zone.

WINDALERT for Railways

Lateral wind warning system (Railways)

The WINDALERT system represents a complete solution for wind measurement along high-speed railway lines.

The WINDALERT system is responsible for notifying the Railway Control Center if the expected lateral wind exceeds the limits of the critical wind curves established for each section, in order to guarantee the safety of movement along the railway.


Measurements are made by multiple weather stations installed along the entire length of the track and distributed based on specific scientific studies. Critical wind curves (CWCs) are pre-calculated for each specific site, and weather stations use this information to compare and generate alerts if the CWCs are exceeded at any time. The information is sent to the Control Centre that is responsible for rail traffic.

Each weather station installed along the high-speed rail tracks is equipped with a METEODATA datalogger that is connected to a set of three redundant wind sensors to measure wind speed and direction. The weather station processes and analyses the signals generated by the three wind sensors in real time and sends the information to the Central Processing Centre.

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