Micro Rain RADAR

Micro Rain Radar, Model MRR-2

The Micro-Rain-Radar MRR-2 represents a new approach in meteorological radar technique to get complete Doppler spectra of hydrometeors in a height between 50 and 6000 meters. Highly detailed resolution in both time and height allow the bright band of the melting zone to be easily identified and monitored. Furthermore derived rain rates can be used for near real time calibration of weather radar data. The MRR is operated in FM-CW mode and complies with the recommendations of EUMETFREQ for operation of K-band devices at 24 GHz.

Micro Rain RADAR

Beside of the application in meteorology the MRR has been adapted for the identification of avalanches and remote monitoring of volcanic eruption plumes.

  • Price competitive vertical profiler of hydrometeors.
  • 24 GHz FM-CW radar, 50 mW, ø 60 cm antenna.
  • Determination of Doppler spectra 0 ... 9 m/s (ø 0.2 ... 6 mm).
  • Calculates rain rate and liquid water content.
  • Melting layer identification (“Bright Band”).
  • Height range 30 ... 6000 m, max. 30 height intervals.
  • Optional antenna heating.