Automated Stations
and Networks

METEODATA/HYDRODATA Automatic Weather and Hydrological Stations measure, store and transmit data and images. They are specially designed for outdoor installation in remote unattended areas for a large number of different applications.

4000 Series Data Acquisition Stations

GEONICA offers Remote Units and Networks for Measurement and Transmission of Data and Images for a wide variety of applications.

The GEO-DataView software package manages all of GEONICA's technological solutions, making it possible to design and operate mixed measurement networks for different applications.

The GEO-DATAVIEW is a set of applications for managing and displaying the data collected by the 4000-Series Dataloggers having several versions to cover the different requirements or needs of each project, such as our WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform (WEB Publication), which gives authorised users access to the data generated by all the remote stations, from any terminal with connection to Internet.

The following is a list of some of the Systems and Solutions offered by GEONICA for different applications: