Wind Energy

GEONICA’s WINDPOWER System has been conceived for the evaluation of the wind resource, for the measurement of power curves and wind monitoring at farms in operation.

Wind Energy Measurement

Solutions for Wind Energy Resource Assessment

The WINDPOWER System has as its central element our robust METEODATA Datalogger, which supports the connection of all types of wind speed and direction sensors, both mechanical and ultrasonic without moving parts.

The wind data and other meteorological parameters measured and stored by the METEODATA station are transmitted in real time through GPRS / 3G / 4G communications or via satellite to the Central Reception Station or to the local SCADA of the wind power plant. The information can also be uploaded to the WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform, which allows access to all data from any device with an Internet connection.

Wind Energy Measurement

The GEO-DataView Software Package deals with the management of communications and data transmission.

Systems related to Wind Energy Measurement