Global Solar Spectral Irradiance

The next evolution of SolarSIM technology is the GEOSolarSIM-G1, a product that enables accurate and affordable measurement of the complete, global solar spectrum and total global irradiance.

For applications where measurement of the global solar spectrum is a must, the G1 sets a new standard for accuracy, affordability and ease of use.

As the D2, the G1 uses silicon photodiodes and bandpass interference filters to make precise measurements of the solar spectrum in several narrow wavelength bands. While the D2 is configured to measure the Direct solar spectrum, the G1 has been developed to measure and resolve the complete global solar spectrum and total Global Irradiance.

Applications for the G1 include solar resource assessment, PV plant development, certification and O&M, agricultural monitoring, UV index measurement, material testing and even multi and hyper-spectral imaging.


Automatic Operation and Connectivity
For automatic operation, the GEO-SolarSIM-G1, as a conventional pyranometer, is mounted on a suitable support for horizontal or tilted measurements, and connected directly to our datalogger METEODATA via a digital serial port, as an integral part of our Solar Energy Measurement System (SEMS-2000/3000).

The raw data measured by the silicon photodiodes and bandpass interference filters of the G1are recorded by the datalogger and transmitted in near real-time to the Central Receiving Station where raw data are stored in a database and processed by the software supplied with each spectral meter.

The Mounting Support
With the device is offered a suitable support Model SP-101, for mounting the GEO-SolarSIM-G1 on horizontal or tilted position. The G1 can be used in horizontal or tilted applications, thereby making it applicable to all flat-plate solar technologies and installations.

NOTE : Each GEO-SolarSIM Spectral Irradiance sensor is delivered with a Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST Spectral Irradiance Standard Model FEL s/n: F655, via NREL’s LI-1800 Spectroradiometer s/n: PRS218. Reference units are also calibrated for aerosol measurement against the WTC Primary Standard Sun Photometer Triad, located at the World Radiation Centre in Davos, Switzerland.