Meteorological & Hydro-Dynamic Parameters at Sea Ports

The SAFE PORT System provides real-time meteorological data such as: Wind, Precipitation, Visibility, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, etc. in the port environment, as well as data on Tides, Currents and Waves, inside and outside the port area.

Meteorological & Hydro-Dynamic Data
at Sea Ports

Advanced Solutions for Coastal Meteorology and Hydro-Dynamic data at sea ports.

The Coastal Meteorology covers phenomena that occur from about 100 km from the coastline to 100 km inland. Thus, the understanding of coastal zone combines knowledge of the interaction between the marine and terrestrial atmospheric boundary layers, the air-sea interaction, large-scale atmospheric dynamics and the circulation of the coastal ocean.


Most coastal environments are modified by the adjacent ocean, coastal topography, and land-sea thermal contrast. Complex feedbacks take place between the atmosphere, the ocean, and the land.

Presentation of SAFE PORT & DAMAR Systems

GEONICA offers complete systems to measure all meteorological parameters at sea ports, combined with the measurement of Tides, Waves and Currents (SAFE PORT & DATAMAR systems). Additionally, offshore meteorological conditions are measured by our buoys which also includes data transmission to sea port Authorities.

Our coastal weather buoys are ready to measure meteorological parameters near the sea surface but can also be equipped to measure water quality parameters using suitable water quality sensors, as well as to measure ocean currents and scalar or directional waves, based on Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs).

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