Frangible Towers and Masts for Airports and Heliports

Complete line of frangible towers, masts and poles for mounting weather equipment (AWOS), ILS, approach lights, etc., that are strong and capable of withstanding strong gusts and high wind loads.

Frangible Towers and Masts - AWOS

For Airports and Heliports

For Airports, Aerodromes and Heliports, GEONICA offers a complete line of frangible towers, masts, and poles for the mounting of Weather Equipment (AWOS), Instrument Landing System (ILS), Approach Lights and other special equipment.

The lattice structures, as well as the posts and other available support elements, are made of frangible material. The towers and masts are made of fibreglass composites plus a resin blend to achieve the necessary frangibility, durability, and strength to withstand high wind load as well as strong gusts.


Towers for mounting approach lights are available in heights from 1 to 12 metres. Taller frangible towers need to be mounted on a complementary metal or concrete structure of the required height. For lighting, in addition to the towers, all standard supports, and accessories are also supplied.

6 meter lattice Met Tower

Frangible Meteorological Tower with lattice structure, 6 meters high.

INS Rajali

Frangible Meteorological Tower for taxiway.

Frasngible Tower at Shirdi Airport

Frangible Meteorological Tower 10 meters high.

AWOS Tower

Frangible Meteorological Tower with hinged rotating base for easy raising and lowering, anchored on a concrete block.

Center Hinge Maintenece Mode

Frangible Meteorological Tower 10m high, hinged at its midpoint to facilitate the installation and maintenance tasks of the wind sensors, the beacon and the lightning rod, located at the top of the tower.

AWOS Tower Turipati Airport

Detail of the mounting of the meteorological datalogger cabinet in the lower part of the frangible tower.

Center Hinge Frangible Tower

Illustration of the lifting and lowering mode of the upper section of the 10m frangible tower, by a single operator.

Frangible Approach Light

Frangible towers of different heights to support Approach Lights.


Frangible towers of different heights to support Approach Lights.


Frangible towers of different heights to support Approach Lights.

Mumbai Airport Frangible Wind Sock Mast

Frangible tower for windsock.


  • Lightweight, durable, frangible material that does not generate electromagnetic interference.
  • Easy to transport and on site installation.
  • Full impact tests certified by independent entities.
  • Standard and customized designs according to needs.
  • Corrosion-free towers and accessories.
  • Additional protection provided by UV-resistant paint.
  • Five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • 100% compliance with all standard guidelines and safety regulations.


Towers, masts and approach light poles comply with all of the international safety standards and guidelines listed below:

  • Full impact crash test by 3rd party in accordance with the ICAO guidelines Aerodrome.
  • Design Manual Part-6, Chapter 5 and US Department of Transportation, FAA Advisory Circular No 150/5345-45 C.
  • Wind Load Deflection test.
  • Temperature Resistance test.
  • Tensile Strength test : ASTM D638.
  • Flammability test IS : 6746 - 1994.
  • Flexural Strength test : ASTM D790.
  • Di-Electric Strength test: ASTM D 149:2009.
  • Flame Spread & Smoke develop Index ASTM E84.
  • UV Resistance test ASTM G 154 : 2016/IS-14887.
  • Salt Spray test as per MIL-STD- 810F & ISO 9227: 2017.

GEONICA also supplies AWOS Weather Observing Systems for airports along with the frangible towers that are required to install the weather equipment and sensors, in other words, the complete AWOS solution.