Strong Motion Accelerometer

MODEL SISMODATA-7300 - Remote Event Accelerometer with Internet Communication


  • Second generation Recorder
  • 3 or 6 channels, up to 1000 sps sampling rate
  • Low noise individual 24-bit Δ−Σ ADC per channel
  • Internal built-in and/or external sensors
  • Wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Serial links
  • Smart NTP timing, GPS time base, or time synchronisation via radio channel or cable
  • Enhanced connectivity via landline modems, 3G cellular devices and satellite links

Strong Motion Accelerometer
  • Recording to SD or CF cards, up to 128 GByte
  • USB interface for external storage and communication devices
  • Continuous data recording to ringbuffers
  • Flexible configuration of multiple triggers
  • Simultaneous data streaming to several clients
  • On board data processing and evaluation
  • Rugged aluminium housing with levelling base plate for easy installation
  • Configuration and status monitoring via Web Interface compatible with Smartphones
  • Simple and secure communication over Internet with full remote management
  • Internal battery, low power consumption
  • Alarm output with up to 4 relays flexibly configurable for different types of events
  • Easily configurable interconnected networks with common timing and triggering


  • Broadband Seismic, Earthquake and Structural measuring and monitoring
  • Real-time Seismology for Freefield and Urban Areas
  • High Density Earthquake Monitoring Networks
  • Shake / Hazard Mapping based on Instrumental Data
  • Earthquake Early Warning and Rapid Response
  • Damage Estimation, Disaster Management
  • Seismic Alarm and Safe Shutdown
  • Ambient Vibration Testing (optionally fully wireless)
  • Induced Vibration Monitoring and Notification
  • Building Code Compliant Instrumentation