GEO-LC7600 / 12000 LIDAR Ceilometers

The GEO-LC7600 / 12000 cloud ceilometer is a compact and lightweight instrument for accurate and reliable measuring of cloud height and vertical visibility. The design is based on the LIDAR principle. The light emitting component is a low power diode laser with the output power limited to an eye-safe level. It is designed for both fixed and mobile installations and detects up to three cloud layers simultaneously. The GEO-LC7600 / 12000 ceilometer is ideal for use in aviation and meteorological applications and is suitable for installations on land, ships and for offshore use. Service and Maintenance: The GEO-LC7600 /12000 is easy to install and requires minimal service. A built-in self-diagnostics test system indicates any failures in the event of a malfunction in a status message sent as part of the data message. The electronics are located in two easily replaceable subunits, i.e. a power supply module and a master unit. The subunits, as well as the laser diode which is placed in the master unit, can be replaced by spare parts without adjustments or recalibration. Integration: The GEO-LC7600 / 12000 includes a number of pre-defined data formats and built-in support of RS-232 for easy installation and integration.


  • Reliable operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Very long laser life (10 years)
  • 7600 / 12000 m measuring range
  • Low weight and low power consumption
GEO-LC7600 / 12000 LIDAR Ceilometers