Agro-Meteorological System made up of one or more Automatic Meteorological Stations model METEODATA, connected to all the sensors of interest for agricultural crops.


Early Warning System (EWS) for flash floods and storms

GEONICA has designed the RAINALERT system to provide a solution to one of the most frequent emergency situations in cities, urban and even rural areas, which are at a high risk of flooding in case of heavy rain because of the orography of their terrain.

The RAINALERT system is based on a precipitation measurement network installed at the headwaters of river basins, combined with the measurement of water level at different strategic points in the main river of the basin. The network will consist on a specific number of remote automatic rainfall and hydrometric measurement stations, according to the extension of the hydrographic basin.


These stations are equipped with a data and alarm transmission unit to alert in real time the Civil Protection Authorities and the population itself with sufficient advance notice. This makes it possible to reduce the impact of the damage, and most importantly, prevent the loss of lives.

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