Outdoor microphones

Outdoor Microphone

Typical Applications

  • System Integration
  • Construction Noise
  • Production Noise
  • Transportation Noise
  • Airports


  • Comply with IEC61672-1 / 2 and GB/T3785-1 / 2
  • 4-20 mA current loop and RS-485 output, transmit more than 1 km
  • Easy connection to NOISE MAPPER Unit
  • 110 dB dynamic range, low noise measurement to 25 dBA
  • Small size with 25 mm diameter and 115 mm length
  • Wide range power supply from DC 5 V to 24 V
  • Stainless steel shell, robust in harsh environments
Outdoor Microphone


NM-4112 / 4110 microphone is an industrial-grade remote sound level meter, that comply with IEC61672-1 / 2 and GB/T3785-1 / 2. Measured sound pressure level data can be output in RS485 digital signal and 4-20 mA analog signal, transmission distance is greater than 1 km, easy connection to NOISE MAPPER Data.

Acquisition and Transmission Unit. The microphone has small appearance with stainless steel shell, built-in high sensitive acoustic sensor (measurement microphone), preamplifier, data acquisition module, DSP processor; excellent performance, 110 dB dynamic range, low noise measurement to 25 dBA.

The microphones have been widely used in machinery and equipment, industrial enterprises, construction, road construction site, airports and social living environment noise testing, monitoring and evaluation.