GEONICA: A World of Applications

Since its foundation in 1974, GEONICA designs and manufactures a wide series of professional technological solutions, based on advanced data loggers and remote Platforms for Acquisition and Transmission of Data and Images, compatible with a large number of sensors for the measurement of all types of meteorological, hydrological, physical and environmental parameters, applicable in sectors such as the Earth Sciences, Environmental Monitoring, the implementation of IoT Solutions for Smart Cities and for the Industry 4.0.

Our ultra-low-power consumption data loggers, constitute the heart of our remote Automatic Meteorological and Hydrological Stations and Environmental Monitoring Networks, and are controlled by an advanced, fully-tested communications management firmware / software package GEO-DataView and our WEBTRANS Ubiquitas Internet Platform, a WEB Posting Solution, for easy universal access of data and graphical information via Internet.