Cloud & Ubiquitas

Distributable Web platform for real-time data access.

WEBTRANS-4K Cloud & Ubiquitas

Distributable Web platform for real-time data access

WEBTRANS-4K is a web-based platform that allows users to generate clear, visual graphs and download data from their stations using a web browser with an authenticated login.

To adapt to all types of requirements, WEBTRANS-4K is available as a service provided by GEONICA (WEBTRANS Cloud Service) and as a self-installable solution (WEBTRANS-4K Ubiquitas).

WEBTRANS-4K Cloud is a service provided by GEONICA in which the website is hosted on high-availability servers managed and maintained by GEONICA. WEBTRANS-4K Cloud provides the client with authenticated access to the data collected by their stations through any web browser using any type of terminal, without the need to install applications or maintain and manage servers, databases, etc.

WEBTRANS-4K Ubiquitas is the distributable solution that allows each client to install, customise and manage its own Web platform to access the data.

WEBTRANS-4K is compatible with IOT networks, MQTT, LORA, ZigBee, etc.

WEBTRANS-4K Cloud and WEBTRANS-4K Ubiquitas share the following features:

  • Responsive design to adapt to any device: PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.
  • Sophisticated interactive graphics to display and analyse data.
  • Weather, hydrological, solar, road data, etc. available in real time.
  • Interactive maps to dynamically locate each remote station and relate data and location.
  • Download data files and graphics in the most common formats (txt, csv, pdf, Excel, etc.).
  • Access a gallery of images taken by the camera connected to the remote station.
  • FOTA automatic update service.
  • Web access protected by username and password.
  • Multi-language: interface supports more than 70 languages.
  • Data integration with third party platforms via REST API.
  • Notifications sent by email.
  • Customisable interface colours.
  • Management of user access

Visit our Demo page for the WEBTRANS-4K platform:


The WEBTRANS-4K demo page contains real data from remote stations installed at different locations for different applications, showing real-time data updated every 10, 20 or 30 minutes (depending on the requirements of each project).

The WEBTRANS-4K web platform can integrate any METEODATA / HYDRODATA model station located anywhere in the world.


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