An iOS and Android mobile application that allows you to operate the latest generation METEODATA / HYDRODATA model weather stations locally or from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Application for iOS and Android

Geo-DataLink is an application for mobile devices that is part of the Geo-DataView software package provided by GEONICA. This powerful tool enables the user to access a wide range of functions to interact with the METEODATA / HYDRODATA-4000 model station.

This application makes it easier to execute maintenance, verification and data downloading tasks both locally and remotely. GEO-DATALINK was developed entirely by GEONICA to address the main needs related to data acquisition platforms that the company has observed during its more than forty years of experience:

  • Information collected by remote stations in real time.
  • Accessing historical data to download in files and display in graphs.
  • Transfer of data files to FTP or the Cloud (Drive or iCloud).
  • Features designed to simplify maintenance and commissioning tasks.
  • Secure password-protected communication with METEODATA / HYDRODATA-4000 to ensure that only authorised users access the information.
  • Completely autonomous tool: establishes a direct communication link with the station, avoiding the need to run programs on the client's or provider's servers.
  • Based on TCP/IP communications: fast, secure, and reliable.
  • Efficient data transfer.
  • Distribution through the main App publishing platforms: Google Play and Apple Store